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AssetCamp is a community for Creators to showcase and sell their 3D assets.

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Free Uploads

Unlimited Free Uploads

It’s free to be a Creator on AssetCamp and the best part is that there are no restrictions on upload size. Build your portfolio now and share it with the world while earning money.


Fast Payouts

Other asset marketplaces have slow and frustrating payout cycles. We’ll pay you on PayPal every two weeks. Simple.

Magic Requests

Fulfill Magic Requests

Don't know what to upload? Or just want to make some quick money? We got you covered. Just fulfill asset requests from potential buyers and get paid!



Feel free to post your content wherever else you want. We’re not here to tell you what to do and what not to do (unlike some other websites…)

Royalty Free License

Royalty Free License

All assets are sold with the standard royalty-free license. This license applies to the use of the exact 3D asset as submitted by you, the Creator.

Focus on .fbx format

.FBX & .DAE Only

Other asset marketplaces are confusing due to the variety of file formats offered. We think that the .fbx and .dae format together are extremely versatile and can be used in nearly all applications. Every Creator has to upload a .fbx and a .dae along with optional image textures for each asset.

Pay What You Want Pricing

Anchor Price

Set an anchor price

Your anchor price is what you think your asset is worth. This will help users make a decision about how much they want to pay.

Minimum Price

Set a minimum price

This is to make sure that people aren’t taking advantage of your hard work.


Optional: Provide bonus assets for users who pay more

Reward generous users with bonus 3D assets.

This asset is worth $15
($7 or more)
Unlock exclusive bonus asset for $17+

Earnings Breakdown for Creators

Earnings Breakdown

As you sell more assets, you will earn a greater share of your sales. The earnings brackets are broken down as follows.

  • 70% earnings if less than 100 assets sold
  • 75% earnings if 100 - 1000 assets sold
  • 80% earnings if 1000 - 5000 assets sold
  • 85% earnings if more than 5000 assets sold

Join now and help us build a community and marketplace based on trust, empathy and generosity. And, you can earn money also!


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